Eric Selby

"A master of the beat!  Eric has played on many of my studio recordings where his imagination and styling were as dependable as his precision.  In performance he is as solid on a beat as you will find.  He is the glue in any rhythm section.  Wherever you need him you can rely on him" 

~Domenic Cicala

Recording Artist

"Eric Selby is a musician’s musician. I have a huge amount of respect for his talent and his drive. He is professional, creative, and has an incredibly soulful command of whatever he’s hitting on. He is a rare find and he has always delivered what I’ve asked of him - and more."
~Mary Shaver
Shamsongs Records Recording Artist 

"Every now then musician comes along that truly embodies artistry, style, and soul. That musician for me is my friend Eric Selby"
~Norman Taylor
Soul Stew Records Recording Artist

“Eric seems to have been born with drumsticks in his hands, that’s how natural creating and maintaining a groove comes to him.  His skill at producing albums of music releases the artist to just focus on creating music.  As a friend and gentleman I only have high praise, admiration and appreciation.”
~Les Hatley
Inductee, Maryland Entertainment Hall Of Fame
Soul Stew Records Recording Artist

“Eric Selby is one of the most reliable and honorable people I’ve ever met in the music industry. It’s a pleasure to work with someone who not only can play the kit but also has the energy to see all jobs to fruition. He’s cookin’!”
~Billy Thompson
Papa Lee & Soul Stew Recording Artist

“…Eric Selby beats the drums like they owe him money.”
~Chefjimi Patricola

“The drumming has taken me all over the place. I’ve heard a lot of different influences in the drumming and then you add the harp to that with your voice, it creates this tapestry of almost a larger group of being in front of you.”
~David Muse, WPFW-FM

“…he would rather beat the rest of his life out with a pair of sticks… . He is one of the Washington Metropolitan’s best.”
~Memphis Gold
Stackhouse Records Recording Artist

“Eric paints a snare drum like he was Rembrandt.”
~Big Al Chidester
KRFP, 90.3 FM

“Eric Selby, seemingly caught in a blues-inspired trance, was flawless on drums…”
~Karen Watkins
MoCo Scene